Mason Jar Pin Cushions – Super Easy Tutorial


I am obsessed with these blue mason jars.  A year or so ago when they started making them I may have bought a dozen with no real purpose…  But then I used them in centerpieces at my Ecuadorian sister’s wedding (it is fine to have lots of extra families you choose, right?) so it was totally justified…  Sure.  Anyway, I found a way to make some of them into pin cushions and I adore them.  I use one all the time and love giving them as gifts.  Also, did I mention they are super easy to make if you like using glue guns?  (And I DO!)

Step 1: Cut a square of fabric.  In this case on a regular jar I used a 4.5″ square.  You could use a bigger one if you wanted even more poof.

Step 2: Get some stuffing.  I learned a sweet trick yesterday where you roll the stuffing between the palms of your hands in a circle to make it into a ball better.  But old school shoving works too.

Step 3: Put stuffing in center of fabric, pattern side facing out, then put the flat circle part of the lid on top of the stuffing.  At this point you can choose to hot glue the fabric to the under side of the lid, or you may want to put the whole pin cushion part through the band first.  Either way, slather it with hot glue.  But don’t burn yourself, because, ouch.  We are not going for pretty under here (unless you must) because we are going to cover it with felt.

Step 4.  Cut a circle of felt the size of your lid.  In this case I cut a circle 2.5″.  Use more hot glue (best invention ever) to attach that to the lid, covering the fabric.


Ta-da!  You are done.

Maybe you hate making stuff and just want to buy one?  I can help with that too.


This one.


This one.


Or this one.

Or of course I could probably be persuaded into making you a custom one…


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