Whole Cloth Quilts

I love whole cloth quilts for babies!  Whole cloth quilts are quilts made from a single piece of fabric.  They are super easy and come together quick!  A perfect quickish present.  I say quickish because sometimes quilting it takes a while, but still, no piecing = faster.

Because I am not skilled at free motion quilting, I like to pick prints with clear lines on them to follow for quilting.  (Maybe I should practice my FMQ…)  Here are a few examples of simple yet fun whole cloth quilts I have made…



Both these prints are from Riley Blake.  I simply quilted down the lines on the fabric, which kept my stitching pretty straight.  I love this quilt for a boy or a girl!

How is this next one for bright?  But seriously, I kind of love it.
robert kaufman


This one I counted out how many little squares there were total, and decided how far apart I needed my quilting and then chose the closest number of squares to quilt on.  It was ten.  (Maybe that made no sense.  It was just my long way of saying I quilted it every ten little squares.)  Easy!  Awesome fabric by Robert Kaufman.

This next one is still a favorite of mine.  I mean red + chevron + polka dots, what is not to love?



Surprise!  More Riley Blake fabric.  (They have my number.)  I quilted this one vertically down the chevrons.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

This final one was a gift to a friend’s sweet baby (from this post) and looked lovely!


More Riley Blake fabric action.  They make great fabric in general, and excellent choices for whole cloth quilts!  I quilted diagonally on the chevrons.  Simple, looks good, and fun!


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