Hexie Framed Quilt Retrospective

Am I the only one who wants to talk about everything that went wrong with their quilt?  Just me? First off, let me say this pattern, Hexie Framed by Emily Dennis, is great.  And the fabric, Insignia by Alison Glass is also obviously amazing.  This quilt top hung on the wall of my bedroom for … More Hexie Framed Quilt Retrospective


Whole Cloth Quilts

I love whole cloth quilts for babies!  Whole cloth quilts are quilts made from a single piece of fabric.  They are super easy and come together quick!  A perfect quickish present.  I say quickish because sometimes quilting it takes a while, but still, no piecing = faster. Because I am not skilled at free motion … More Whole Cloth Quilts

Anchors Away Quilt

Baby boy quilts can be harder to come by than baby girl quilts.  Luckily there are more and more adorable fabrics out there, these anchors and waves being right at the top of my favorites list! I started this quilt the way I start many, with 6″ squares to turn into HSTs (half square triangles). … More Anchors Away Quilt

All the triangles!

I love triangles.  I want to buy pretty much every fabric ever made with triangles.  I also love triangle quilts.  Maybe I don’t always love making them, but sometimes I do.  Especially when they are finished! This one I loved, but getting points to match up on my first triangle quilt was moderately frustrating.  But … More All the triangles!