Meadow Goose Quilt Tutorial

UPDATE: This is now available as a free pattern on Craftsy in PDF form with better-ish instructions!

Ok, are you ready for this?  First a few disclaimers…

-The directions for this will make this quilt and leave you with lots of half square triangles left over.  These can make another 1-2 quilts, depending on what size you are going for.
-Although I write/create many of my own patterns, this is one of my first I have written for others, so no punching me in the face if it is not totally perfect.
-If you make one please please please tell me!!! I want to see it!  You can hashtag #meadowgoosequilt and tag me @foxfishe or send me an email or whatever!

Meadow Goose Quilt
Twin Sized: Approximately 63.5″x90.5″

Fabric Requirements
-2 layer cakes (you will end with lots of extras)
-1 layer cake + 1 yard & 2″
-19 Fat Quarters (18″x22″)
-113 Scraps measuring 9.5″x5″
-5 yards
-68″x95″ (creates 2.25″ on each side for quilting)
-5 1/2 yards
-5/8 yard, cut into (8) 2.5″ strips

Colors: cut 113 pieces 9.5″x5″
-Cut 54″ x Width of Fabric (WOF)
*Subcut (3) 9.5″ strips parallel to the selvedge edge (9.5″x54″)  From those cut pieces A-G.  (Cut A & B from one strip, F from a strip before cutting smaller pieces)
A: 9.5″x20.75″
B: 9.5″x25.25
C: 9.5″x14″
D: Cut Two – 9.5″x2.75
E: 9.5″x7.25″
F: 9.5″x43.25″
G: 9.5″x9.5″
*From A-G scraps cut (6) 5″ squares.
*Subcut (2) 5″ strips parallel to the selvedge edge (5″x54″).  Cut those into (20) 5″ squares.
-From remaining white cut (25) 5″xWOF strips.  From each strip cut (8) 5″ squares.  You should have (226) 5″ squares total.

Make Flying Geese Units:
 -Draw a diagonal line across the middle of all 226 5″ white squares.
-If you want to make your life easier for your extra quilts, draw a second line 1/2″ to one side of that line.  Or if you don’t need to mark it, that is cool too.  Just know that you will be sewing 1/2″ away from that middle diagonal line.
-With right sides together, sew a white square to a colored 9.5″x5″ rectangle along the center diagonal line.
-Next, sew a line 1/2″ away (towards the corner) from the original line.  I recommend chain piecing both of these steps, because they take a while.  And chocolate.  You will need chocolate.  For your mouth, not the quilt.
-Repeat until you have sewn a white square to all 113 colored rectangles.
-Cut between the two sewn lines, leaving a 1/4″ seam for both.  Set aside the newly formed half square triangles from the corners.  We will talk about those at the end for your next quilt.  Press the newly formed rectangle.  I hate ironing, but with flying geese you really really have to do it.  Ok, you can finger press.  I won’t tell.
-Take the rest of your white squares and sew them on the other side of the rectangle, right sides together.  Also sew on that 1/2″ away line.  And then cut.  And press open.
“Fancy” diagram:
-Ta-da!  You just made 113 flying geese units.  And are almost done.
Column Assembly:
-Column 1: 20 geese units
-Column 2: A + 10 geese (flying reverse direction, see diagram) + B
-Column 3: 17 geese + C
-Column 4: D + 18 geese + E
-Column 5: 20 geese
-Column 6: D + 10 geese + F
-Column 7: 18 geese + G
edited final layout

Final steps:
-Sew columns together
-Quilt as desired and bind
-Yay!  You finished!!!

Extra quilts
-Take all your extra half square triangles and press them.  For real with a real iron.  Then trim them down.  Probably to 4″, but look at yours and decide.
-Decide on a sweet layout for all those beauties.  I recommend googling “half square triangle quilt” for inspiration or #hstquilt on Instagram.
-Here is the first one I made from half of the extras.  I added a big white border to make it throw size.  I will post the second (throw size) when I finish it in a week or two…

Questions? Mistakes? Concerns? Cookies? Hope you enjoyed my excessive commentary and terrible pics! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meadow Goose Quilt Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for writing down this tutorial. Your quilt is really beautiful. I’m a new quilter and I really want to try flying geese. I think this might be the design I actually try with.


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