Swiss Quilt Raffle for Orphans!

UPDATE:  Over $500 was raised for OSSO, winning number #72 was pulled, who was Nancy and I have emailed her!  Thank you times a million to all of you for buying tickets, sharing with friends, and supporting this cause. I love you all to death!!!!!



Buying Tickets:
To buy one $5 ticket:
To buy more than one:

Many years ago (in 2004!) I had the amazing experience of serving in Ecuador in several orphanages for 9 months with Orphanage Support Services Organization, or OSSO for short.  You can check them out at  Since then we have been lucky to return to live there twice, once pre-kids (where I still volunteered part time) and once when we only had two small kids (so we mostly just visited to play).  Constantly on my mind are the needs of these precious kids, and how I can help them.  So when I finished up this quilt, I knew that it could maybe raise a little for my baby orphans.  Of course all of “my” kids that I worked with are teenagers and beyond now, but the orphanages are still full, a never ending need that weighs pretty heavy on my heart.

On to the raffle details:
-Each ticket is $5.  If you pay $10 you get two tickets, $50 gets you ten tickets.  You get the idea.
-After sending money you will get an email back from me with a ticket (or tickets!) number.  This is basically just so you can verify that I received your money.
100% of all raffle tickets purchased funds will go directly to OSSO
-I will have one of my kids pull an actual number from an actual piece of paper.
-Winner will be announced Monday February 6th at 12pm PST, both here on the blog and @foxfishe on Instagram
-Shipping is free within the US, if you are outside of the US you will be responsible for shipping, minus $10

Quilt details:
This quilt is made entirely by me from a pattern by Thimble Blossoms called Swiss.  It has been washed and dried once to make sure everything was colorfast and make it ready for immediate snuggling once it arrives to its new home.  Measures approximately 54″x62″.



This is really a win-win situation.  Worst case you donate to feeding orphans, and best case a new quilt shows up at your house.   Thanks to all of you for being so awesome!!!

Any questions please feel free to email me:


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